Needs Assessment

A Needs Assessment is an important tool to help your company obtain maximum production, profitability and company growth by identifying and defining key areas of potential volatility, which could be detracting from your Return on Assets (ROA) and overall bottom line.

During this process your company's mission, vision, goals, mantra, leadership roles/supervision, job descriptions, procedures, production standards, inventory control, employee buy-in and moral, profitability margin, budget, training, reporting and marketing will be evaluated, problems and issues identified, and recommendations suggested.

A Needs Assessment will allow Smart Business Solutions to help you determine the current status of the organization and develop a plan of action for the optimal productive state of the organization.

The Needs Assessment includes a Gap Analysis where your business or organization' s current situation is evaluated to determine the current state of skills, knowledge and abilities of current and or future employees, including management. Current organizational goals, climate and internal/external constraints are identified.

Your desired situation and conditions are then identified for optimal organizational success.  This analysis focuses on the necessary job tasks and standards along with the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to accomplish these successfully.  During this process it is crucial to identify critical tasks necessary for a successful and productive environment, not just focus on current practices. Actual needs must be differentiated from perceived needs.

The gap analysis should result in the identification of several areas requiring need for organizational development such as implementation of standards and procedures, employee training and development, and career development. Smart Business Solutions will work with you to prioritize these items and establish action plans for execution.

Is your business or organization currently experiencing production or profitability issues? A Needs Assessment may help you identify the problem. Contact us today to learn more about this solution.

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